What is dildos? Dildo sex, techniques, masturbation in dildos, etc. Female dildo sex toy for masturbation

What is dildos?

What is dildos?

The dildo is a women sex toys. It does not move like vibrators. It does it you sex toys. It is structured similar like a penis and used to penetrate the woman's vagina. Women love to use a dildo, it gives real penis pleasure and penetration. Dildos can be available in many different styles, shapes, size, colour, material and textures. The most dildo material is, rubber, silicone, metal or glass. Regular Dildo can do any sort of things, that a human part cant. Dildo penis never gets tired, women can use it as much as she can. If you are a beginner or start a timer in penetration with dildo. Offer some basic knowledge first.

Dildo sex toys include glass dildos, realistic dildo, strap on dildos, dildo harness, anal dildos, etc. The dildo is a flawless way to delight the women vagina and anal too. Dildo effectively works with a vagina and anal to activate the G-Spot and P-Spot pleasure and orgasm in women, men. Dildos are couples sex toy, both partners can use it in a single act, in a single room. Dildos work pleasure fully to relax your sexual desires. Dildo xxx toy can be pleasant enough with masturbation without a special technique.

Dildo technique

Dildo technique

The best dildo technique that you should try at bed time:

Deep Penetration

Use dildo for deep penetration. Penetration along the entire length of vagina bring deep penetration. Deep penetration is most intense stimulation and gives orgasm. The soft dildos make it difficult. The tough Dildos that are unable to bend allow amazing deep penetration to the deep vagina. Make sure do not go with too rough rigid texture dildo, It is about most erogenous areas. It may hurt vagina internally.

Short and shallow

Short and Shallow penetration would be pleasurable too because most of the sensitive nerve ends are present in the 1/3 opening part of the vagina. Masturbation with a dildo is good with bendable material dildos. It gives you smooth, sensitive and pleasure feeling.

Filling Feeling

If you find that comfortable spot after insertion in the vagina. There is no need to move dildo continuously. Keep it inside and externally stimulate the clitoris. Likewise, you enjoy the moment erotically.

Anal Penetration

If you want to enjoy the anal sex. Just use a dildo with a lot of lubricants. It is essential because anus does not have natural lubrication. You can go with metal dildos, but make sure not to do for deep in an anus. It may damage anus tissues.

Double Penetration

To enjoy double penetration, two dildoes for both holes. You can go with long rubber dildo for vagina. But choose small hard dildo for anal penetration.

Dildo sex and dildo masturbation

Dildo sex and dildo masturbation

Use dildo in masturbation

when you are alone and missing the partner for a sexual act, you can go with dildos penis. Masturbation is about sexual pleasure, so you can use smooth dildos like rubber dildos, realistic dildos, etc

Use dildo in sex

To enhance the sexual act with a partner. You can use hard dildos like metal dildos, glass dildos, etc. Men partner carefully penetrate women with hard dildo to deep in the vagina. Make sure with the position of both partner, facing down, lying down, sideways, sitting or standing.